Thursday, 7 July 2011

On rocks and crystals and rings

I've always been fancinated by sparkly and natural things ever since young. I remembered whenever my parents brings me to the beach, I'll always go around taking this HUGE plastic bag and collecting shells and ROCKS.( yes, all sorts of rocks in every color, shapes and size). Now, I seldom go to the beach -too busy and far away from my home, but my love for au'natural things stuck in me. I began to like gemstones after one trip to a gemstone shop- it was totally random. My parents and I just popped into the shop and the next moment, I'm there, walking out of the store with a new Lapis Lazuli bracelet.

I'm most of time on Etsy now and I find it hard to resist browsing through all the beautiful creations of others. These are the finds I'm obessed with today. Gosh how I wish I had the skill to create something so beautiful.

:) wish you all have a great day.
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