Sunday, 7 August 2011


finally created a banner I liked :) the background of the banner was taken months ago on a day with perfect weather. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of the sky. I can be typing on the laptop at one moment and snapping pictures of the beautiful sky/clouds/moons/stars next.

Had been sick for 2 days now,-fever,cough, loss of voice and prior to that, sounding like a man the whole day! and I realised it had been so so long since I take a break from work. It has been rushing from places to places and talking non-stop these few days.

 How I wish I can go travelling with Z(the husband). (nono.we don't have extra funds-the husband and I are saving up for a house.) And practically it's really hard because the prices of flats are so expensive here in Singapore!

I started Meme and Moss this July because it has always been my childhood dream to own a small jewelry shop of my own. I still remembered my secondary school days when I was still that teenage girl who scrimp and save up my pocket money just to buy a piece of jewelry. I love jewelry and it's my passion to create pieces for others to love and wear.

I am really thankful that after 20 days of waiting,(it's a bit scary really, cause I did invested a part of my savings to buy my supplies- so hard to get supplies here and I had to order from overseas-thus higher cost because of the shipping fees and difference in currencies) I finally sold a ring to a very nice lady, Fay. She left me a wonderful comment and message that kept me motivated to go on. *thanks. :-)

I am starting to think about promotions or giftaways.. hmm. what should I do to improve sales?...

^^^by the way I'm having a 10% sale at my shop to celebrate National day!- it's coming soon!
^Do remember to use coupon code 10SALE when checking out :-)

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